Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does MARKETrends data come from?

MARKETrends data comes from the CoreLogic and Realist databases. Both MLS and Tax data are provided to create the statistics you see on the site. The Tax data includes the parcels, deeds, foreclosures and AVMs. The MLS data includes listing data for residential sales.

What key stats are available in MARKETrends Premium?

Try out our interactive demo to get a view all the stats available, and more importantly, check out how easy it is to compare various metrics and drill down by housing characteristics. The interactive demo will let you play with the actual product interface, but against a generic location. Note, while most MLSs have every metric that you see in the demo, there are cases where metrics or facet are unavailable for your MLS. For instance, the $/SqFt metric group or foreclosure facet doesn't show up. This is due to the variation in data availability on an MLS-by-MLS basis. For instance, an MLS might not have a required field for short sales, so pricing trends obviously won't be available for that segment. However, the vast majority of metrics and facets are available in every MLS version of MARKETrends Premium.

The complete list of stats available in most versions of MLS (see Definitions tab for more information):

Market Activity

  • Number of Sales
  • Number of New Pendings
  • Number of All Pendings (end-of-period)
  • Number of New Listings
  • Number of Active Listings (end-of-period)

Pricing Trends

  • Median Sale Price
  • Average Sale Price
  • Median List Price for Sales
  • Average List Price for Sales
  • Median List Price New Pendings
  • Average List Price for New Pendings
  • Median List Price for New Listings
  • Average List Price for New Listings
  • Median List Price for Active Listings (end-of-period)
  • Average List Price for Active Listings (end-of-period)

Pricing Ratios

  • Median Sales Price to Original List Price Ratio
  • Average Sales Price to Original List Price Ratio
  • Median Sales Price to List Price Ratio
  • Average Sales Price to List Price Ratio

Days on Market

  • Median Days to Contract
  • Median Contract to Settle
  • Median Days to Settle
  • Average Days to Contract
  • Average Contract to Settle
  • Average Days to Settle

$ per Square Foot

  • Median Sold Price per Square Foot
  • Median List Price per Square Foot (Sales)
  • Median List Price per Square Foot (New Pendings)
  • Median List Price per Square Foot (All Pendings)
  • Median List Price per Square Foot (New Listings)
  • Median List Price per Square Foot (Active Listings)
  • Average Sold Price per Square Foot
  • Average List Price per Square Foot (Sales)
  • Average List Price per Square Foot (New Pendings)
  • Average List Price per Square Foot (All Pendings)
  • Average List Price per Square Foot (New Listings)
  • Average List Price per Square Foot (Active Listings)

Market Activity (TAX)

  • Number of Sales

Pricing Trends (TAX)

  • Median Sale Price
  • Average Sale Price

Price per Square Foot (TAX)

  • Median Sale Price per Square Foot
  • Average Sale Price per Square Foot

Distressed Inventory

  • Number of Distressed - Combined
  • Number of Pre-Foreclosures
  • Number of Auctions
  • Number of REO

What locations can I access for public records and MLS data?

The public records information available will be the jurisdictions that your MLS receives as part of its Realist agreement. The MLS statistics are available in the core jurisdictions your MLS covers. Stats are available at the MLS, county, city and ZIP code levels.

Who can sign up for a MARKETrends Premium subscription?

MARKETrends Premium is available exclusively for members of any MLS that partners with CoreLogic (see list). When you sign up for the 14-day test drive, you will need to enter your MLS ID and identify your local MLS. These two pieces of information are validated to verify you are eligible for this service.

How much does a MARKETrends Premium subscription cost?

Less than a tank of gas! We have a low monthly pricing option, no sign-up fees, and no long-term commitments - finally giving real estate professionals access to business-changing statistics without breaking their budget. The monthly subscription costs $23.99/month

The annual subscription option is only $199.88, representing a 30% discount compared to the monthly rate. While this payment would be made upfront, it averages out to just $16.66/month. Whether you sign up for the monthly or annual plan, you will automatically be given a 14-day test drive. Cancel any time during the Test Drive period and no charges will be incurred. If you choose to continue, your credit card will be automatically charged at the end of day 14.

Some MLSs provide MARKETrends Premium subscriptions at no cost to their members as a value-added service.  If your MLS is one of these, follow their links to register and set up your free account today.

Click here to start your test drive

How am I billed for my subscription?

Billing charges will appear on your credit card as a charge from RealEstate Business Intelligence (RBI). If you need to change your credit card or update the expiration date of your credit card, click on Your Account link in the upper-right hand corner of the screen and click on the link for Billing Information.  

Statements are sent to the email address you entered when signing up. Make sure you have trusted to ensure you receive your billing-related emails.

If you have further questions about billing, please email and be sure to include your full name and contact information when sending an email to us.   

How do I log in to MARKETrends Premium?

Your login/username is your email address. It defaults to the email address in the MLS system when you signed up unless you changed it when entering billing information.

After signing up for the 14-day free trial, the initial password is sent to you via email.  If you did not receive the email, be sure to check your spam folder. The email will be from RealEstate Business Intelligence (RBI) and have an address with at the end. To change your password after initial login, click on the Your Account link in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

Your password is case sensitive. Please be careful when entering your password and use upper and lower case letters accordingly.

Your browser will give you the option of saving the password and login information on your computer as a cookie. By accepting this option, you will not have to log in each time you access MARKETrends Premium.

I can't remember my password, now what?

No problem, just click on the "Login" link at the top right of any page. On the login screen, there is a link to 'Forgot password?' Click on the link to send yourself password information via email. 

Don't forget to add to your trusted email sites to ensure you receive the password emails in your inbox.

When are new data and reports released?

Monthly market activity reports are released on the 10th day of each month. If the 10th occurs on a weekend or holiday, the reports will be published on the next business day. Publishing on the 10th allows agents to update their sold listings within a few days after the end of the previous month. It also allows data to be reviewed and cleansed to provide accurate results.   Changes through the 5th of the month are reflected in the prior month's statistics.   However, QTD, YTD, and Yearly reports will reflect all changes up to the 5th of the month of when those reports are calculated.  At the bottom of each report or chart that is published, it states the processed date.

Public records data will be updated on the 10th as well. The sales associated with public records are available within approximately two months (60 days) of their recording in most jurisdictions. For example, if it is March 15th, the sales in public records through December are most likely available.

How do I view stats for a different location in my MLS?

Simply click on the "Change Location" link at the top of the application.  Then begin typing in the county, city or ZIP code and select the location from the dynamic pick-list.  To see a demonstration, click here.

How do I embed a custom chart on my website or blog?

If you want to embed a chart on your site or blog, follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose the EMBED option below the chart. You will get a secondary screen with various options.

  2. Choose the EMBED TYPE. The auto-update feature will allow you to embed the chart and 'set it and forget it'. Each month, the chart will automatically update with new data if that option is chosen. If you are writing a blog and talking about the data in the chart, that's when you might choose the Fixed Date Range Version instead.

  3. Choose the SIZE desired.

  4. Copy and paste the HTML code into your website's editor.

  5. If desired, add a title or paragraph explaining the chart for your customers.

You're all set! Your customers will now have access to the chart you chose. Here's an example:

How do I interpret the dashboard gauges?

Each gauge on the dashboard provides critical info about a key metric for the location selected. It provides a single view of the indicator for the most recent month and how it compares with the 5-year minimum for that month, the 5-year maximum for that month and the 5-year average for that month.  Due to the seasonal nature of real estate statistics, the ability to compare stats vs. the same period in the past is a great way to gauge market health. 

The following graphic should help you understand the key points of our gauges:

Why is the Tax Sales Price not available? (Non-Disclosure States)

There are currently fifteen (15) states that are non-disclosure states.  Due to this, the sales price information cannot be displayed. This affects information such as median sales price, over/under comparisons as well as $/sqft charts. The states with non-disclosure are: Alaska, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

What happens when a ZIP Code straddles multiple cities?

The US Postal Service (USPS) database is used to determine each ZIP Code and its corresponding city name. When a ZIP Code straddles multiple cities, the USPS standard is followed and the default city name is used on the report. However, the data for the entire ZIP Code is in the report regardless of how many city names may refer to the ZIP Code.

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